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Get your plushies the first aid they need with TL+C, a sewing kit for any age for your most beloved friends!

Project Brief

Create a ‘help kit’ for any subject with three products included. 
Created ApR 2022


When the project was introduced I immediately knew I wanted to try something cutesy, then my eyes began to wander in my bedroom... to my long suffering plush of my age (minus 8 months) lying on my bed (pictured right). I, like many others, collect plushes and prefer keeping them in decent condition, so I decided to develop a kit to do so.

A large part of the project was designing a physical box to deliver the products in, so alongside cute asthetics, I looked into what first aid kits were out there. Interestingly, Japan has two plush hospitals that carry the same spirit as I wanted to create, so I used their practice as a basis for my products. 


I conducted interviews and focus tests to determine what the products were and looked like. Originally I designed a two tier structure for the box to more closely mirror a first aid kit, but that was tossed because it was superfluous. I also added instructions at the behest of my focus groups to make the kit more acessible to everyone.


I also created a custom webpage for the brand, primarily selling the help kit but including some modifications for the kit, allowing customers to buy for their specific plush.