Allo, hello, I’m Kira!



Graphic design is my passion!!!

A half joke. Not to say I’m not passioniate about design, no, I have been ever since I discovered that I could channel my creative talents to a career filled with products people other than me could use and enjoy. I just thought using a well known meme would work as an introduction to my ironic internet-culture-influenced self.

A little bit about myself, I’m nonbinary, they/them, and 22 years old. I’ve been pursuing graphic design as my career since high school, graduating from Penn State in 2022 with a bachelor’s in graphic design. For now, I’m looking to learn and grow by working alongside clients and desingers in a professional setting.

A little explanation of the fruit rounds: I eat a lot of fruit. A concerningly high amount, especially in contrast to the amount of water I drink, a common excuse of mine is “the fruit juice juices me!” In honor of my juicy lifestyle, I decided to base my personal style around it as a kind of silly introduction to my personal taste.