Motion Design • Storyboarding


Various motion design projects that aren’t attached to any brand or product, or are otherwise too short to have full pages.

What’s the Buzz?

For this project, I wanted to create a commentary on social media’s overwhelming prescence in our day to day lives. This was my first proper dive into motion design but I still tried to add a bit of my own personality into the details.
Created Oct 2022

How to Stretch

The goal for this project was to create a tutorial on something and it was our choice that drove the tone. I’ve always had a weakness for absurdist comedy, so I tried to embody that by presenting a self help video in a mesmerizing motion. I took a lot of inspiration from hypnotism for the direction, both in goals and visuals. 
Created Nov 2022

Slinky Commercial

I was given 48 hours to create a commercial for any product, so I grabbed the thing that sat on my desk while I did my designwork: the trusty slinky. Because of the short time frame I relied heavily on my base instincts for comedy, drawing heavy inspiration from unhinged infomercials people like to react to online. 
Created November 2022