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Fuel Your Individuality LIFEWTR Campaign

Students from Penn State Graphic Design GD304: Practical Communications, in collaboration with PepsiCo Design and Innovation, LIFEWTR Brand and Design team and North Division Marketing, created a series of key visuals to accompany a brand campaign promoting a selected series 11 bottle made specifically for the Penn State University Park campus.
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This project was developed in collaboration with Emma Swayze and Shelby Stewart, major thanks to them!

Project Brief

Create a campaign to promote a LIFEWTR series 11 bottle. Deliverables must include a vertical and horizontal key visual, a table tent, a cooler graphic, a billboard and a sizzle reel. In addition we created social media posts, a bus wrap and an accompanying event.
Created ApR 2022


Our group chose Fluid, a bottle featuring artwork from Alexandra Cuerdo. She created a short film which can be found on LIFEWTR’s website in collaboration with the water brand which we drew inspiration from. In specific, we were intrigued by the reflection and rippling of the water. 
Screenshots (on left) taken from “Fluid”

Key Visuals

Our campaign is based around the phrase, “Fuel Your Individuality.” Water is used as fuel for the body and mind, while the focus of “Fluid” is accepting identity, which we generalized to individuality to reach a wider audience. Together, LIFEWTR will help customers fuel their senses of individuality, while also celebrating the traits that make us different, with each reflection of the light within the visual being different and beautiful. We added two lines that extend from the bottle’s artwork that form an equal sign, symbolizing how all people, no matter what identity or expression they express, are equals.

Social Media

To promote the campaign we made traditional POS items, but also created social media campaigns. As part of a survey we sent out we found Tiktok was one of the highest traffic platforms for Penn State students, so we created short, looping advertisements in addition to Instagram stories.

Expanding into an Event 

 As an exploratory aspect of the project, we created an event, independent of LIFEWTR’s guidelines. We drafted a go-kart race on Penn State campus’s central HUB as fun way to promote LIFEWTR to students and their families. Our slogan, “Fuel Your Individuality,” inspiried our particular choice in event, because fuel is traditionally used for cars while go-karts are highly customizable, representing individuality. 

The event is designed to bring the community together at a time of heightened traffic. It would take place on Blue and White weekend on Gill Street.