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Golden Touch

Tonight is a special night! Lady Midas, descendant of the old king, is holding a ball of glamour and luxury. She’s done all the preparations to make this her most lavish party yet for a very special guest. Unbeknownst to everyone, a special guest and Midas’s old friend was invited, Lord Dionysus himself. Welcome, one and all, to her extravagant party of jubilance and gold!

Starring Gianna Strazza as Lady Midas

Project Brief

Create a 3 spread fashion magazine based on a story of your choosing.
Created Nov 2021


I initially drafted this concept as a masquerade ball, but later relegated that detail to a background detail. I had a heavy focus on gold for Midas, purple for Dionysus, and included grapes and vines alongside silky or glittery fabrics to be equally eyecatching. The party’s main theme was opulence and this moodboard became the “initial invitation”. 

Outfit Design

For the outfits, I took inspiration from traditional ancient greek robes and combied them with today’s ballroom gowns, creating a loose hanging pleated prom dress. Some elements didn’t make it into the final products. A key feature I kept throughout was her red necklace, supposed to tie her to Dionysus, who wears a similar bracelet in the final shots.

Layout Sketches

The layout tells the story of the night more directly with the posing and text, from preparation to welcome and the final midnight roundevous. These sketches were primarily used during photoshoots to keep them on track. 

Behind the Scenes