Collage • Album design

Lovin’ You

(but mostly me!)

Songs and inspiration from the comedy rock band, Ninja Sex Party

Project Brief

Create a CD album, cover and disc, based on a band of your choice, using only physical objects and textures.
Created Dec 2020


One of the main driving forces behind this project was its collage requirement. All elements had to be put in a physical space, then photographed; the only digital elements allowed was some small copyright text. 

The second was that it was to be based on a band, so I chose one I was familiar with: Ninja Sex Party, usually shortened to NSP. 

The band is built around being overly flashy in a comedic way and also features a prominent star on the lead singer’s outfit. I wanted my album to keep that playful tone and bombastic energy. 

A lot of the actual in process was adjusting layout for effect; I was trying to play the joke straight while hinting at the comedic undertones.